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The Cover-up

Automorrow at Studio 216
We’re busy as usual and have posted up performances of two cover songs recorded from our recent session at Studio 216 on our video page and YouTube channel. The songs are “Dropkick The Punks” by The Faint, and “Wolf Like Me” by TV On The Radio. Comment and let us know what you think, especially if you’re familiar with the original artists’ versions!

Also, we’ve added a plethora of new shows to our calendar! Many are cheap or free, and we plan to debut a few brand new songs soon, perhaps as early as our show at The Grotto on the 15th (hint hint!).

In other news, Josiah Hunter (you may recognize him as the TV viewer in our video for “Overboard“) has recorded a really cool cover of our song “Pulse”, which you can find on his MySpace page. Add him and let him know what you think!

Band Overboard

We’re workaholics and we need help! After the studio we plan to do a shoot for a new music video, but we need all the analog TV sets we can get our hands on. You know, those things that have displayed static since June? Get in touch with us if you’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and can offer up a set or two, or three. If you need them back, lending is fine too! The filming will take place at the end of the month, but we’re trying to build the set as soon as possible, so leave a comment or contact us with details if you can help out. All contributors will be credited in the video.

Also, don’t forget to stop by our Ustream channel starting this Sunday the 11th to watch our progress in the studio! Anyone can watch, but you’ll need to register (its quick, and free) to be able to chat with us. Follow us on Twitter if you’d like to know what we’re working on and when to watch (ex. “We just started tracking vocals!”).

Should I be updating our graph?


We now have free ringtones and wallpapers available for your cellphone through Myxer. You can browse our current selection below, or text Automorrow to 69937. Myxer charges absolutely nothing, but make sure you know whether or not your service provider charges for media messages before you go grabbing all of these. Let us know how this works for you, and what you’d like to see added!

Also, the video for Open Up that was put on our podcast last week is now available on YouTube. Check it out here, or visit our YouTube channel. Pass it on!

Open Up (Live at The Ridglea Theater)


We’ve just finished a video for “Open Up”, an unreleased song of ours. The video was taken from a live performance at our Diver EP release show on January 23rd, 2009 at The Ridglea Theater.

I’ve decided to post this on our podcast for a week before YouTube so you can be the first to see it! Click the link below if you have iTunes installed to be taken to our podcast in the iTunes store. The storefront sometimes takes a while to show new content, so you may not see the new video in the list. Fear not! After clicking to subscribe and then updating the podcast you will receive it with no problems!

Visit our podcast

Look closely and you might see yourself in the crowd. What do you think of the video? What other songs would you like to see a video for? Comment and let us know!

Interview with Pegasus News

We took a trip out to Dallas (see twitter for our misadventure) on Monday to shoot a video interview with Pegasus News. Its only Thursday now but the video is already available! Check out the link below to hear our mumblings and plans for the future.

Video Interview & Performance: Automorrow

Thanks to Erin Rice and Pegasus News for having us!

Now on Rock The Basement

Rock The BasementWe’re on the lastest episode of Rock The Basement, available now!

The video is available as a free download from or the iTunes store (just search for rock the basement). The video has live performances of two songs; “Pulse” from the Diver EP, and a new unreleased track called “Get Your Own Friends“.

Let us know what you think! Leave us a comment here or rate the podcast and leave a quick review on the iTunes store.