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Monthly Giveaway and Other News

If you’re reading this from your email inbox, then you’re in luck. We’ve decided to arrange a drawing from our list of subscribers on the 1st of each month for a free poster (shown previously). We’ll pick one email address at random and contact the winner to arrange shipping the design of their choice. If you want a chance to win and haven’t signed up yet, just enter your email list in the sidebar to the right of this post and you’re done. Its all in the name of letting our fans know what we’re up to first (and that whole internet domination thing)! Speaking of…

If you’ve been following our previous posts for the FW Weekly music awards, the winners have been announced and the award for “Best New Artist” has gone to The Dangits. You can check them out on MySpace by clicking here. We’d like to congratulate all the winners this year, and give a huge thanks to all of you who voted for us. We are grateful to have been considered for this category by the nominating committee along with only four other bands, and hope to keep on making waves.

Speaking of waves, we’re working on some new video content which should be coming pretty soon, so be on the lookout. I’ll be sure to post when its available, or you can subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

Also, our calendar has a few new shows, and more are on the way as we confirm details for some outlying towns we plan to stop by in September.

P.S. – If you’re wondering where the music player on our site went, I’ve decided to place it above the banner on top of all our pages, so you can listen to our tunes from any section of the site. Don’t worry, it won’t start blasting as soon as you visit. We do have some manners.


We’re preparing for a very full weekend! Friday we will be performing at the Blue Dome Diner in Tulsa for OK Greenfest, sticking around Saturday to busk downtown and meet people on the second day of the event. After returning that night, we’ll recharge before heading out to play the FW Weekly Music Awards Festival on Sunday (It’s not too late to vote!). Come out and welcome us back for FREE at Paddy Red’s Irish Pub as part of the event which spans several venues in downtown Fort Worth and tons of great bands. Prior to our set make sure to support Sally Majestic, Addnerim, and more all under the same roof! Check our calendar for the full list of bands and more details.

In other band news, we’ve been busy lately working on a few new songs. We’re a pretty meticulous bunch, but we’ve been making good progress and hope to test some out on you sometime soon. See you Sunday!

Three New Ways to Rock

Automorrow Internet Domination Graph

In our quest for total internet domination I have just put the band up on three websites we hadn’t yet been on. I know everybody likes a sarcastic visual aid, so above is a quick graph I drew up of our current progress. If you’ve got a few minutes help  us out we’d really appreciate it!

Here’s how you can help:

  • Visit our Facebook page, and become a fan. Say hi while you’re at it!
  • Visit our Twitter page, and if you’re already registered, follow us! If not, registration is free and only takes a few minutes.
  • Visit our page, and add us to your library so that we can start showing up in similar artist results, and can be found on their streaming channels.

Thanks so much for all that you do!

Also, we will soon have some new videos available on Rock The Basement, so I’ll be posting about that soon. There is a chance we may also end up with an unreleased live track out of the performance, so subscribe to our email list if you haven’t already and be the first to hear it!

Is This Thing On?

The website is coming along nicely so far. I should start adding content to the sections you see in the menu bar above steadily over the next couple weeks. Anything you think I missed? Comment and let me know!