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No Rest Is Out Now!

It’s here! Download No Rest at the link below. You can name your price or download it for free (enter an amount of zero and your email address.) Downloads include cover art and a digital booklet with lyrics and liner notes.

Or if you’d prefer, get our album elsewhere;

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No Rest Album Announcement

On Tuesday August 9th, we will be releasing our first LP, titled No Rest. While it will be available on all the major digital distributors (iTunes, Amazon, et al.), we will also be hosting it as a name-your-price download on our Bandcamp page bundled with a digital booklet. This album represents songs spanning the band’s inception to now, containing the 9 best tracks out of the dozen recorded since our debut EP, Diver. This album was recorded toward the end of 2009 into 2010 as part of sessions we streamed for a live audience, who got to witness the creative process unfold. In the past 6-8 months we’ve taken some time off from shows to work on some other projects as well as focus on mixing the album, a task we took upon ourselves with Ben at the helm. Though we’ve taken some time to complete No Rest, we think the personal attention to detail we’ve been able to give it has really made this album something special. It’s rich and nuanced and we think you’ll enjoy it. Come back on Tuesday and share this album with your friends. Let our hard work proliferate!

View the album artwork and track listing after the jump.

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Download The Singles For Free

Download all three of our singles for FREE.

In anticipation of our upcoming full-length album, visit to download all three of our singles for free! This includes, in order of release, Get Your Own Friends, Martians and Like New. Feel free to share this with all your friends and help our music spread!

Also, visit our video page or our YouTube channel to watch us perform two of these three songs live on TXA 21’s All Jack’d Up in HD.

Like New Makes Three

It’s here! Our new single, “Like New” is out now and available on iTunes, Amazon and more. Click here to buy it on iTunes. All proceeds go right back to us and into funding the album. Preview it on our music player here, and take a look at the lyrics. If you like it, please leave us a comment here or review the track on iTunes!

Like New Single Artwork
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Here’s some interesting trivia about the song: This is the first single mixed and mastered by the band themselves, with Ben taking the helm and some additional mixing/mastering by Michael. The somewhat distorted harmony vocals were recorded on a 1960’s era rotary telephone that was converted into a microphone by Michael. The band originally referred to this song as “Loop Jam”, since it was built on a foundation of guitar and bass loops. If you listen closely in the first verse you can hear samples of a toy gun firing off in time with the “stray bullets” line.

Did anyone watch us on Ustream while we were in the studio with this one? What do you remember most? Did it turn out how you expected?

Martians Landing

Our newest single, “Martians” has been released and we’ve made it available for free download at We want this to be heard, so download it and tell your friends! The download also includes cover art and lyrics. This single will also be available on iTunes, Amazon, and other digital distributors on July 1st for anyone who feels generous or wants the convenience those stores may provide. This song marks the second single towards our full-length album.


We hope you like it as much as we do, and I’d like to encourage you to leave some comments on our YouTube preview of the song here to let us know what you think.

New Single Now Available

Our new single, “Get Your Own Friends” is now available for sale on all the major digital music distributors (iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody, Emusic, LALA, ShockHound, and more)! Listen to it now for free with the music player located at the top of our website.

Get Your Own Friends

We wanted to have something to show all our fans from October’s studio sessions, where we streamed our recording process live via Ustream throughout three days. This single represents the first recording released towards our full-length album. We will use this single to continue raising money for the album, and keep up the good work in the spring with another recording session. We hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more!