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Band Overboard

We’re workaholics and we need help! After the studio we plan to do a shoot for a new music video, but we need all the analog TV sets we can get our hands on. You know, those things that have displayed static since June? Get in touch with us if you’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and can offer up a set or two, or three. If you need them back, lending is fine too! The filming will take place at the end of the month, but we’re trying to build the set as soon as possible, so leave a comment or contact us with details if you can help out. All contributors will be credited in the video.

Also, don’t forget to stop by our Ustream channel starting this Sunday the 11th to watch our progress in the studio! Anyone can watch, but you’ll need to register (its quick, and free) to be able to chat with us. Follow us on Twitter if you’d like to know what we’re working on and when to watch (ex. “We just started tracking vocals!”).

Should I be updating our graph?

Don’t Cross the Stream

We’re going to the studio, and you’re invited!

Next month we’ll be returning to the studio for what will be the first of many sessions over the next year as we work on our first full-length release. We plan to come out of this particular session with a single to show off by the anniversary of our Diver EP release in January. We’ve decided to let anyone interested get a glimpse of the recording process live on Ustream. We will broadcast a view of the control room via webcam, with the ability to listen in on our progress. Ustream also offers the ability for users to chat with us throughout the three day session.

Be warned! We will be keeping ourselves busy and the process is sometimes tedious. Even so, we hope you’ll appreciate the candid nature of it,  and that you’ll stop in while you trod through your internet routine. Tentatively, our schedule will be 3pm-11pm on October 11th, 12th, and 13th. I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated over the next few weeks with the details. See you there!


We now have free ringtones and wallpapers available for your cellphone through Myxer. You can browse our current selection below, or text Automorrow to 69937. Myxer charges absolutely nothing, but make sure you know whether or not your service provider charges for media messages before you go grabbing all of these. Let us know how this works for you, and what you’d like to see added!

Also, the video for Open Up that was put on our podcast last week is now available on YouTube. Check it out here, or visit our YouTube channel. Pass it on!

Open Up (Live at The Ridglea Theater)


We’ve just finished a video for “Open Up”, an unreleased song of ours. The video was taken from a live performance at our Diver EP release show on January 23rd, 2009 at The Ridglea Theater.

I’ve decided to post this on our podcast for a week before YouTube so you can be the first to see it! Click the link below if you have iTunes installed to be taken to our podcast in the iTunes store. The storefront sometimes takes a while to show new content, so you may not see the new video in the list. Fear not! After clicking to subscribe and then updating the podcast you will receive it with no problems!

Visit our podcast

Look closely and you might see yourself in the crowd. What do you think of the video? What other songs would you like to see a video for? Comment and let us know!

Monthly Giveaway and Other News

If you’re reading this from your email inbox, then you’re in luck. We’ve decided to arrange a drawing from our list of subscribers on the 1st of each month for a free poster (shown previously). We’ll pick one email address at random and contact the winner to arrange shipping the design of their choice. If you want a chance to win and haven’t signed up yet, just enter your email list in the sidebar to the right of this post and you’re done. Its all in the name of letting our fans know what we’re up to first (and that whole internet domination thing)! Speaking of…

If you’ve been following our previous posts for the FW Weekly music awards, the winners have been announced and the award for “Best New Artist” has gone to The Dangits. You can check them out on MySpace by clicking here. We’d like to congratulate all the winners this year, and give a huge thanks to all of you who voted for us. We are grateful to have been considered for this category by the nominating committee along with only four other bands, and hope to keep on making waves.

Speaking of waves, we’re working on some new video content which should be coming pretty soon, so be on the lookout. I’ll be sure to post when its available, or you can subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

Also, our calendar has a few new shows, and more are on the way as we confirm details for some outlying towns we plan to stop by in September.

P.S. – If you’re wondering where the music player on our site went, I’ve decided to place it above the banner on top of all our pages, so you can listen to our tunes from any section of the site. Don’t worry, it won’t start blasting as soon as you visit. We do have some manners.


We’re preparing for a very full weekend! Friday we will be performing at the Blue Dome Diner in Tulsa for OK Greenfest, sticking around Saturday to busk downtown and meet people on the second day of the event. After returning that night, we’ll recharge before heading out to play the FW Weekly Music Awards Festival on Sunday (It’s not too late to vote!). Come out and welcome us back for FREE at Paddy Red’s Irish Pub as part of the event which spans several venues in downtown Fort Worth and tons of great bands. Prior to our set make sure to support Sally Majestic, Addnerim, and more all under the same roof! Check our calendar for the full list of bands and more details.

In other band news, we’ve been busy lately working on a few new songs. We’re a pretty meticulous bunch, but we’ve been making good progress and hope to test some out on you sometime soon. See you Sunday!

Automorrow for President?

Automorrow has been nominated for “Best New Artist” in the Fort Worth Weekly’s music awards! Now… Imagine you’ve just noticed us stranded and dehydrated on the roadside with a flat tire. Wouldn’t you stop to help, or at least pause and laugh as Fat chases the spare down the shoulder? Take a moment and vote for us online by clicking the link below!

Vote Automorrow for Best New Artist!
Vote Automorrow for Best New Artist!

You don’t need to complete the entire ballot to submit a vote, but why not support some of the bands you’ve seen us play with? Merkin, Jefferson Colby, Addnerim, and Sally Majestic have also been nominated in other categories. Paper ballots are also available in the print edition of the Fort Worth Weekly.

If you woke up today feeling especially awesome, click the ShareThis button below to post this easily to a dozen other sites like MySpace, Facebook, etc. and spread the vote! Thanks for all that you do!

Going Green, Going to Tulsa

A certain green-haired guy put our name in the hat, and so Automorrow has been selected to play this year’s OK Greenfest in Tulsa on June 26-27. We will be playing on the first night of the festival, Friday June 26th at the Blue Dome Diner in downtown Tulsa at 11pm. There are 28 bands playing in the two-day event, including Pink Spiders, RadioRadio, Electric Touch, My Solstice, Proprietors of the Earth, Tastebuds, Kevin Watson, The Sleepless Continuum, and many more.

OK Greenfest

This festival is intended to promote green living and environmental awareness. It will be a carbon neutral event by running all generators on biodiesel, recycling bottles and cups, using recyled paper, etc. Visit the OK Greenfest website at for more information about the event, and to view the complete list of bands and venues. If you are near Tulsa, don’t miss our first show in your area! If you’re a Texas fan and know anyone in Tulsa, spread the word!

On Your Bedroom Wall

Automorrow Poster - Diver Face Automorrow Poster - Diver Building

We’ve just gotten in posters! Both designs (shown above) are 18″x24″ and will be available at shows in a limited run for only $5 each. Depending on interest we’ll decide whether or not to reorder or do some different designs, so please comment and let us know what you think! What kinds of merch would you like to see from us in the future?

LIT Monthly and TCC Collegian

“…A plastic horned helmet with one horn missing – reminiscent of the Vikings – rests on the coffee table between them…”

A quick snippet of our feature in this week’s issue of the TCC Collegian. As two-thirds TCC alumni, we were approached a few weeks ago by Frances Matteck with the Collegian about being in an article alongside other bands relating to the college. I’m glad we were given the opportunity, as I think this is probably one of the best write-ups we have had so far. If you’re a TCC student, pick up a free copy at any of the college’s locations this week and next. You can also visit their website and download the feature by visiting the links below.

Website | Download in .pdf format (Update: Link has been removed.)

Also, Diver EP has a very positive review in this month’s issue of LIT Monthly. Mark calls it, “…one of the tightest and most refreshing local recordings of 2009…” and offers up a few more unconventional comparisons that have given me an idea. More on that later! Visit the LIT Monthly website for a list of locations you can pick up a free copy (see “Where to get LIT”) or download this month’s issue in .pdf format below.

Website | Download in .pdf format