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A Quick Show Update

Due to conflicting booking requirements for each of the shows mentioned in our last post, we will not be playing June 5th at Trees. However, this show will still rock your face. Those in attendance will receive free copies of In Memory of Man’s new CD, The Reckoning. Support local music!

Our performance at Ridglea Theater on May 29th is still on. Visit our calendar for all the details. Come see us before we go into hiding!

Catch Us While You Can

Let’s get caught up here. Our performance on KTCU has come and gone, and it went great! If you’d like to hear recordings of our in-studio performance (including some new songs), check them out on our podcast. Unfortunately we weren’t able to capture the interviews etc. that comprised the rest of the night’s broadcast.

We’ve also got two big shows coming up. We will be taking a break from playing shows after these to buckle down on the album and stage our live show comeback, so consider these your last chance to see us for a while! Catch us while you can!

First is May 29th at Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth. This will be our first time back on the main stage since our EP release show! We will be opening up a killer show featuring Soulever Lift, D-Snacks and the After School Special, and Rabbit’s Got the Gun. Rabbit’s Got the Gun will be releasing their CD. Funk? Soul? Rock? Come support local music in Fort Worth!

Second is June 5th at Trees in Dallas. In Memory of Man (formerly Loaded Moses) will be releasing their CD on this night and we’ll be pulling out all the stops to get the crowd riled up on this bill, featuring In Memory of Man, The Raven Charter, and March of the Bull. Come see us on one of the best stages in Dallas!
This show has been canceled. Please see our more recent post.

We hope to see you there! As always you can check our calendar page for additional details and directions.

Automorrow On The Air

Tune in this evening to KTCU FM 88.7 The Choice as part of The Local Show with Abby to hear us discuss and play some songs from Diver EP, followed by a live in-studio performance of some material both old and new. We may also be playing a sneak preview of our next single! Show starts at 10pm, so don’t miss out!

Also coming up on Thursday we will be performing at Harmony for Haiti, an outdoor benefit show in Grapevine. Check our calendar page for all the details.

Update: We have rescheduled this performance to Tuesday May 4th, 2010. Tune in!

The Cover-up

Automorrow at Studio 216
We’re busy as usual and have posted up performances of two cover songs recorded from our recent session at Studio 216 on our video page and YouTube channel. The songs are “Dropkick The Punks” by The Faint, and “Wolf Like Me” by TV On The Radio. Comment and let us know what you think, especially if you’re familiar with the original artists’ versions!

Also, we’ve added a plethora of new shows to our calendar! Many are cheap or free, and we plan to debut a few brand new songs soon, perhaps as early as our show at The Grotto on the 15th (hint hint!).

In other news, Josiah Hunter (you may recognize him as the TV viewer in our video for “Overboard“) has recorded a really cool cover of our song “Pulse”, which you can find on his MySpace page. Add him and let him know what you think!

New Single Now Available

Our new single, “Get Your Own Friends” is now available for sale on all the major digital music distributors (iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody, Emusic, LALA, ShockHound, and more)! Listen to it now for free with the music player located at the top of our website.

Get Your Own Friends

We wanted to have something to show all our fans from October’s studio sessions, where we streamed our recording process live via Ustream throughout three days. This single represents the first recording released towards our full-length album. We will use this single to continue raising money for the album, and keep up the good work in the spring with another recording session. We hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more!

A Good Note

The story of Ben’s stolen guitars has come to somewhat of a close.  Although neither of the guitars were recovered, we’ve made some great friends in the area that took it upon themselves to help out. An awesome show was thrown last month at The Grotto with the goal of helping replace the stolen gear, featuring Nasty ‘Stache, Peru, and Gold Jungle. As it turns out, one of the first pawn shops Ben visited while combing the area for signs of his guitar had the exact same model as his. The show provided the funds needed to return and purchase the guitar seen below.

Ben's Washburn: Return of The 'Burn
A few words from Ben: “Thanks to Matt from Meander, Katy from Webbed, and Cody Admire from The Grotto for putting the benefit show together. Thanks to Peru, Nasty ‘Stache, Gold Jungle and Daniel from Meander for playing the show and donating proceeds to the cause! Thanks to all the friends who contributed, even though they couldn’t make it to the show, and thanks to all the fans, and the grotto family for your support. Replacing that guitar really meant a lot to me, and it wouldn’t have happened without the support of all of you.”

New Year’s News

2010 is going to be a busy year and we’re not wasting any time! Immediately following our free New Year’s Eve show with Solcide and Slow Guns, we have a three day songwriting session at Studio 216 in Granbury. We plan to close each day of the session with a Ustream broadcast scheduled to start at 8pm on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. We’ll be showing off what we’re working on live each day, as well as debuting a brand new HD music video for Overboard on the second day. On the third and final night, we plan to perform an entire set of songs both old and new, as well as some covers. If you haven’t yet seen us on Ustream, visit our channel here to see a few clips from past broadcasts.

In other news, you may have noticed that our calendar is void of any shows in January. I (Michael) will be having a non-emergency surgery, but will be back and better than ever for the shows we have lined up in February and onward.

Thanks for a great 2009. Here’s to the new year!

Get Your Own, Thanks

We’re almost done with our new single, titled “Get Your Own Friends”! In the meantime, I thought I’d give our subscribers and twitter followers a sneak peek with three free ringtones taken from the song. The single will be released sometime in late January or early February.

Get the ringtones on our download page, or use your mobile phone to text AutomorrowGYO1, AutomorrowGYO2, or AutomorrowGYO3 to 69937.

We’re a few days late for Thanksgiving, but to everyone who has been supportive of us over this past year, and also to those who helped spread the word about the theft mentioned in our last entry… Thank you!

Stolen Guitars

Ben's Washburn guitar
Last night at The Grotto in Fort Worth, two guitars belonging to Ben were stolen from his car; A creme-colored Washburn electric guitar with a single-cutaway body and a black pickguard (pictured above) in a black rectangular case, and an Epiphone acoustic guitar with a Seymour-Duncan acoustic pickup mounted to the body in a black hard case. These were taken the night after Ben’s birthday, and we just want them back. Please pass this along. If returned, no questions will be asked.

The Shape of Streams to Come

You're Didgeridoo-ing It Wrong! | Recording Session October 2009Our recording session earlier this month went great! If you didn’t get to join us in the studio via Ustream, we’ve just put up a few photos from the session and clips from the live broadcast. You can view clips on the new stream page in our menu, at top. This page will also display future broadcasts and chat. We want to try this again soon, so I’ve created a new poll below to find out what everyone would like to see the most. Take a second and vote, or comment and let us know what you think!

What would you like to see us broadcast live?

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